Turn cherished items into a piece of art. Perfect for being able to remember your childhood favourite toy thats now shabby and grey (but still as cuddly), Grandad's writing desk, or Nan's favourite plate, or something that you may love and want a special place for in your home, especially if you are not be able to keep it in person. 


Multiple copies can be ordered so you can order a print for friends and family.


You will need to supply a clear photo of the cherished item you'd like illustrated. 


You can also purchase this as a voucher (there is an option) - you will be emailed a voucher file that you can print and gift, or email on to the person you are gifting it to. 

Memory Lane

  • You purchase the custom illustration package you want.

    You enter the details required.

    I will email you a proof once it is done.

    Once approved we go to print and I will post it to you.

    Turn around time up to 3 weeks.

  • If you are unhappy for whatever reason, please get in touch and together we will come up with a solution.

    Because this is a custom package, we don't refund/return as it takes time to do these illustrations just for you. If the print is damaged we will reprint and post.

    What colour you see on screen may be different to what is printed, but we strive to match it as closely as possible.