What we do Up the Hill

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Cherished by Up the Hill Creative, is a range

of meaningful art prints and custom keepsake illustration packages that turn your special moments and cherished items into works of art

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Original art works and art prints. Mostly feathers but other pieces with special meaning and stories.

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We love pattern, its so much fun to create, to turn stand alone illustrations into repeat patterns. 


This link will take you to our Spoonflower store. 

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A range of our artworks and illustrations that look fabulous on a tee.  These goodies are printed on demand for us by a partner company in Papamoa. By being printed on demand we aren't creating waste in the form of a bulk lot of tees. 


A designer kids tshirt range COMING SOON

These tees are designed to be gender neutral, wholesome and fun. Printed by our partner company in Papamoa. Printed on demand to create less waste, we also have a matchy matchy range too.


Officially I am a Graphic Designer, all my work thru my uni days was based around this conversation between the hand made and the computer, and recently reflecting on my work I see thats still the case, where I use my iPad and computer to draw and colour and paint like I would traditionally on paper (I still do that too). I love seeing the makers marks, its loose but also so thought out, delicate and expressive. I've always been creative, being brought up in a highly creative family.

I've always been drawn to drawing, paint and texture - fabric, wood and things with meaning/I'm very sentimental. I'm also always drawn back to designing for tshirts, having spent most of my teenage years fabric painting characters onto tshirts for my friends birthdays. So at Up the Hill you will see quite a range of different things/products, but I hope you'll see the connections between them all.

Up the Hill Creative gets its name from our home. We used to operate as 'Little Villa Studio', as we lived in a little villa, but have since moved 'up the hill' to a lifestyle block with a big villa and sweeping views of Auckland. This is where I am creative, and where I get to do all the things that come into my head. Naming your business as a creative (when you don't want to use your own name) is so tricky and I always over think it - but here Up the HIll it is a dreamy, inspirational spot where I live with my family. Its special, and it fits.